Doubt and Dogma with Descartes

Why is doubt important?

Descartes believed that many of the problems in the world are products of false truths (ie. wars, conflicts, etc.) This makes sense because beliefs are subjective and geographical. Humans acquire beliefs through senses and other people. For example, we know that the sky is blue because our eyes perceive that. This can change, however, if someone who has never seen is sky is repeatedly told the sky is red. In this case, that person will believe the sky is red.


Dogma are beliefs that people usually hold unquestionably. One example is the belief that killing is bad. Murder is usually regarded as the crime above all other crimes those who committ such a crime will usually undergo the most severe punishment.

A few other unfinished thoughts:

  • For humans to get the knowledge that can change humanity, we need to understand first principles.
  • Although rigorous doubt is extremely valuable, questioning everything is pointless, 95%+ of things in life should not be questioned to such an extent.
  • Can use this to establish ethics of technology -> what is good and what is bad, ie. is planting chips in people’s brain good or bad?



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Rosa Li

Rosa Li


Passionate about solving problems. Currently diving into space tech